I believe scientific endeavors in the lab should always be accompanied by effective outreach to achieve a longstanding impact in society. My outreach efforts are focused on making STEM education more accessible to K-12 children, especially from underrepresented minorities. Currently, I am a core member of Cena y Ciencias (Science and Supper), a group focused on bringing science to children from Latino/Hispanic families in the school districts of Urbana and Champaign, IL. My goal is to inspire young children to embrace science as part of their everyday lives.

For articles highlighting my outreach efforts with underrepresented minorities, see:

At Cena y Ciencias, Illinois Scientists Shine a (UV) Light on Fluorescence, in I-STEM Illinois Education Initiative, May 7, 2021.

Virtual Cena y Ciencias Provides Hispanic/Latinx Role Models, Encourages Hands-on “Kitchen Science”—All Done in Spanish, in I-STEM Illinois Education Initiative, November 12, 2020.