Instrumentation and Software available in the Campillo-Alvarado Lab

Rigaku XtaLAB mini II (single crystal X-ray diffractometer)
Our benchtop single crystal X-ray diffractometer is the chief technique of our lab and allows us to see the precise positions in space of atoms in the crystals we make. This allows us to get valuable information about structure-property relationships to design functional materials. Our diffractometer is equipped with a Mo X-ray source and a HyPix-Bantam two-dimensional semiconductor X-ray detector. It also has an Oxford Cryostream 800, Oxford Smartstream to collect samples at low and variable temperatures.  Learn more about the cool stuff our instrument can do here.

Retsch Mixer Mill 400 MM (mechanochemical ball-mill)

The Mixer Mill MM 400 is a compact, versatile bench-top unit developed specially for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding of small sample amounts. We are particularly interested in using the mixer mill to perform solvent-free and sustainable organic chemistry reactions (green chemistry) and develop more efficient pharmaceutical formulations.

Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL (crossed-polarized optical microscope and heating stage)

Our crossed-polarized optical microscope is designed to study stimuli-responsive properties of molecular crystals under mechanical stress, heat or light. Our microscope has a Linkam thermal stage that is used to modulate the temperature of observed materials.

Computer station with Cambridge Crystallographic Database (CCDC) and  CSD-Enterprise for crystallographic analysis

We use the computer station to analyze the crystal structures screened and collected from our powder and single-crystal X-ray diffractometers.

Stereo Microscope SMZ-171-BLED (Trinocular head with LED)

The stereo microscope is used to screen single-crystal and materials for X-ray diffraction. It has integrated transmitted/incident LED illumination, and a camera that allow us to visualize the materials on an external display.

Shared instrumentation available at Reed College

Scintag XDS-2000 powder X-ray diffractometer

The powder X-ray diffractometer in the Department of Chemistry at Reed College has Cu Kα irradiatio radiation (λ = 0.154 nm) to measure solid and semi-solid samples.

Bruker Avance I 400 MHz Ultrashield NMR spectrometer

The 400 MHz Bruker Avance I is equipped with an auto tune and match (ATM) broadband probe and an autosampler. It can perform a variety of 1D or 2D solution experiments.

Thermo iS5s with Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) accessories

The single bounce diamond crystal in the Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) accesory provides exceptional sensitivity and IR throughput for solid samples and crystals.